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Your Online Presence Matters – 9 Top Tips To Boost Your Profile

Regardless of the line of business that you are in, you will need to have a successful online presence in order for your business to thrive. It is important to remember that you are in competition with everybody who is in the same market as you, whether this is locally or globally, therefore your online presence is crucial. We will take at how you should go about achieving a good online presence.

  • Your Website

Your website needs to be professional and well designed so that it stands out from the crowd. It is not difficult to create an effective website using online site builders. This best thing is that these sites do not require you to have any coding or design knowledge and there are plenty of design tools and templates that you can select between. There are three main aspects that you need to consider when it comes to your website: the content, the visuals and the design.

  •  Content

All content on your website needs to be engaging, whether it is blog posts or articles, videos or pictures or even podcasts. All written content needs to be fresh and informative. 

  •  Visuals

Everybody knows how important first impressions are. Visitors to your website will make impressions about your business very quickly after seeing your website. Aspects such as spelling, grammar, images and colours all affect the impression left. It’s easy to see how the visuals of your website are important.

  •  Design

Your website needs to have a responsive design as fifty percent of internet users use a mobile phone as opposed to a laptop or desktop when they are surfing online. If you have a responsive design, this means that your website can be viewed on devices such as mobile phones and tablets. If your website is not responsive, it’s highly likely that customers will move on to another site which will ultimately negatively affect your business.

  • Optimisation

Optimisation (SEO) refers to the way customers are directed to your website through search engines. It is crucial that your website is optimised so that your business appears high up when it comes to any search results. Keywords are important when it comes to search engine optimisation and a good starting point would be to use between 3 and 5 keywords related to your business that somebody would search for as this means that they are more likely to end up on your website. You will need to have a mix between short and long-tail keywords on your website and make sure all keywords relate to your brand/business. You can use Google AdWords to help you to find the right keywords for your website, as this tool allows you to see what keywords people are searching for. 

  • Social Media

If you want to get people talking about your business then social media websites are key. Sites such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are just a few social media sites that are very popular. If you use social media sites it shows that you are active online and you are also able to communicate with your customers in real-time. To boost your online presence, consider the below when it comes to social media:

  • Ask people to share your posts
  • Make sure you link back to your website through engaging, authoritative content.
  • Try and increase the number of followers that you have and make sure that they are quality followers i.e. real people and not fake accounts.
  • Use keywords and anchor texts and also take advantage of infographics, photographs and video clips.
  • An online marketing company will be able to focus on the message you are trying to convey  
  • Lead generation companies work in a similar way to marketing companies, but their main focus is targeting where to get your best leads from.


  • Email

If you have a contact form on your website, not only is this a brilliant way to interact with any potential or existing customers, it’s also a great way to build your audience. If you have a customer that enters their email address on your site, then it’s highly likely that they are interested in what you have to offer. 

  • Paid Ads

An effective way of increasing the traffic to your website is by paying for ads. It’s very effective as around two-thirds of customers click on these ads when they’re looking to buy something online.

  • Bloggers

It is worth building a relationship with bloggers as this way you can work alongside bloggers to create content which is genuine and promotes your brand and your business. If you are able to get your content posted on good quality blogs, you will be able to increase your online presence.

  • Forums

You can increase your online presence and the brand awareness of your business by creating an authoritative voice in forums. Forums tend to have discussions and can sometimes be question and answer style sites. There are millions of forums online which means you can reach out to lots of potential customers.

  • Online Groups

Interact with online groups where people are interested in whatever line of business you are in.  These groups will chat, share and post information to other members. This means you can promote your brand and build your reputation.

  • Analysis

When it comes to your online presence you need to make sure that you analyse what you have been doing and what’s been effective or not effective. This way you won’t be repeating aspects that have not been effective and you can stop wasting time on these approaches.

By following the above top tips you’ll soon see how effectively you can boost your online presence and ultimately promote your brand and your business effectively. 

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