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Traditional Print Vs Car Wraps And Digital Signs

If you want to communicate with people then print is a great way of doing this. Traditional print has always been an effective way of communicating, however, in the modern era, digital signs and car wraps have begun to take their place. We will take a look at the benefits of both traditional prints versus more modern methods to see what the benefits and negatives of them are.

Traditional Print

Although traditional print has always been effective, it is beginning to take a bit of a backseat as digital signage begins to take over. However, there are many that still prefer traditional print as it has the below benefits.

Traditional print is low maintenance because it is very straightforward and uses simple technology. The simplicity of it means that it is very cheap to produce directional print on most surfaces. Although this medium is relatively user friendly, it does have its drawbacks as digital printing has shown the limitations that traditional print creates. 

Printing is now a huge business and because of this it is going it is able to be used in different areas. Everyone knows that your print quality is vital when trying to gain customers as new business. Take for example, if you are a company that has a van as part of your trade. If your van has had an additional print on it, it may not look very successful or very interesting to look at and this may put people off doing business with you. However, digital printing will help you get that little edge to give your business the extra impact it requires.

Digital Signs

Digital signs offer a really good impact on all mediums. Take for example retail signs, label printing, custom T-shirt printing or just a basic billboard. When we think about custom printing we always believe it’s going to be time-consuming and very expensive, but this does not need to be the case as it all really depends on what you want printed. Even when you go as far as the colour of the print and the complication of your design, these kinds of aspects can also affect the price. 

Digital printing can be used in all kinds of companies. If you were a new start-up company and you have to produce all your own handbooks, digital printing is often the best and most cost-effective way of getting this produced en masse. You could even look to have bespoke hinged rings and self-adhesive pocket suppliers to really give your products that extra special look and feel.

When we think about digital printing compared to traditional print, it has to be said that digital printing is far superior to the older traditional prints, however, there is a third factor in the mix when it comes to vehicles.

Car Wraps

If you are of a certain age you will think that the colour you buy your vehicle in is the colour that our vehicle has to stay until either you re-spray it to a different colour or the vehicle is scrapped. However, since the advent of car wraps this no longer needs to be the case. Wrapping it into a different colour, style or pattern can change the original colour that the vehicle was produced in. In times gone by, flat colours in blue,red, black, silver, and green were the main colours that vehicles were produced in. These days, however, we can now choose to have a bespoke design or pattern on our vehicles. This is especially good for trade people that have vans, because they can now design a wrap to suit their company identity and logo and then have this wrapped on their company vehicles. 

Another positive aspect of vehicle wrapping is that it is not a permanent change and if you decide that you want to change your vehicle to a different design, you can simply remove the wrap and then replace it with a new wrap. Car wrapping is not a cheap process, but that said, it is very effective and an excellent way to promote a certain aspect of a business, for example, at different times of the year. 

Car wrapping is also good for a domestic user as you can change your vehicle colour depending on your mood. It does not mean that you can change this regularly as it can be an expensive process, but it does mean that if you like a certain colour in the summer and a certain colour in the winter, you can have this colour wrapped on your vehicle. The same can be said if you find a used vehicle that you really like and it ticks all of your boxes but is the wrong colour. In the old days, you would have had to put up with a colour you may not have liked or continued to search for the vehicle of your choice. With wrapping technology, you can now pick a vehicle that you like, which has the right criteria from the offset, and then if you don’t like the colour, you can simply get a wrap installed and essentially you will have the vehicle that you wanted.

It’s clear to see that the three areas of traditional printing, car wrapping and digital signs all have their place in the world of print. It also has to be said that each different type of print has its place in different markets. None of the above will ever be phased out, but what you may see is that as technology improves, the type of printing that we have access to also improves and we will probably see further advances in wraps and digital technology.

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