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The Best Places To Put Your Branding, And How To Do It

No doubt you will have your branding on your website but have you considered where else you should put your branding in order to increase your brand awareness? We will take a look at the different places that you can put your branding, both online and offline which may help to further increase your brand awareness.


Online presence is really important these days as we use the Internet for pretty much everything. For this reason, it is worth looking at your online presence and consider how you can use your branding to your advantage online.

  • Website

This is the first thing that sticks out when we think of online. Your branding obviously needs to be on both your website and on your blog. When it comes to your website, place your branding on your landing page as this page highlights what you as a company are and what you do.

You branding needs to placed on the top left hand corner of your landing page as research has shown that this is where any visitors to your site will look first. When it comes to your blog, if you do not want to place your branding in the same place then place it somewhere in the top middle part of your blog. The platform that you use may affect where your branding looks best so spend time working out where it works best for your blog page.

  • Social Media

You need to have your branding on any social media accounts that you use. When visitors come to your social media accounts they expect to see your branding and may even use social media to locate your brand. Therefore, it is worth making sure that your branding looks professional.

  • Email Newsletters

Your branding does need to be visible on your email newsletters. It is worth getting your email newsletters to look like your actual newsletters and a way you can do this is by having company related stationery which you send out to your customers. Also consider brochure printing and purchasing a paper lamination machine as this will give your brand the quality feel and look that will make you stand out from the rest.

  • YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel then your branding needs to be on here too. YouTube is a great way of highlighting and advertising your brand in a way that pleases customers.

Overall, when it comes to your brand and using it online, you need to make sure that it looks the same across all mediums and is easily recognisable.


If you are looking for ideas of where to put your branding offline, then here are some examples:

  • Business cards

A very important place to put your branding is on your business cards. You want to make sure your brand and looks professional and is nicely positioned so that it is noticed when someone looks at your business card.  As well as the branding, you also need to make sure that you have your website and email address on your business cards.

  • Packaging and products

The way that you present your products enriches a customer’s experience so think carefully about how you package any products that you sell and also about how you will place your branding on your packaging. When it comes to any products you need to think about which part of the product the customer will touch and this is where you can place your branding. This can be done through the use of boxes, stickers or even branded tissue paper.

  • Clothing

Clothing is another place that you can put your branding on, as it is something that everyone needs. A good idea would be to offer your customers a free item of clothing, which has your branding on it. This will help to increase your company’s brand awareness on both the customer wearing it and the general public.

  • Pens and pencils

If you give away pens and pencils you can once again promote your brand by making sure that your branding is on these items. Everybody likes to receive free things and when others use your pens and pencils, your brand will be naturally promoted.

  • Mugs / Bottles /Frames

Another good place to place your branding is on water bottles, snap frames and mugs. You can either give these are away to your loyal customers, or you can put them on your website for sale.

  • Business vehicles

It does not matter if you only have one vehicle for your business or a vehicle that you tend to use for personal use; a vehicle is a great way of advertising your brand. Every time your vehicle is out and about it is seen by lots of eyes and essentially becomes a billboard on wheels that represents your brand.

  • Banners

Remember to put your branding and any banners or signs that you have which advertise your brand. Imagery and colours are a huge aspect when it comes to brand recognition. Again remember to place your branding so it is at eye level to anyone that sees it. Avoid placing signs and banners too high or too low, as they will not catch the attention of potential customers.

  • Labels

Any labels that you use i.e. for mail also need to have your branding on them. This way when someone receives a letter from you, one of the first things that they see is your brand. If you consider purchasing label maker software you will be able to create labels, shop signs etc. if that is the type of business you have.

It is clear to see that there are many places that you can put your branding to increase your brand awareness, so get out there and start branding!

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