QASL: Accounting software for the service industry

accounting software New Zealand

Need to get your business finances sorted? Whether you are new in business or have been for years, are a small operation, a non-profit or a large enterprise, Quantum’s versatile accounting system allows you to effectively manage your finances. QASL’s user-friendly, smart, reliable software meets the needs of organisations with large volumes of transactions, as well as smaller cash-based business.

QASL customer centred software works in real time and helps you manage your customers, creditors, time and cost, banking and more. Quantum’s software is designed for the service industry or any organization that does not need to hold stock quantity in their system. QASL provides the ongoing support and training you need as your business needs change and grow.

If you need to get your ducks in a row speak to the experts at QASL or visit www.qasl.co.nz today.

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