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Pros And Cons Of Car Wrap Marketing

Car wrapping has proven to be an effective marketing technique. Its highly suitable for commercial cars like trailers, vans and mobile retail units. A well-designed car wrap can really catch people’s attention as well as transform a regular pick up or car into a year-round marketing machine for your business. Car wrap marketing provides the best results for your advertising budget when it concerns your marketing your product packages, service, event or business. This versatile form of advertising has the least expensive cost per impression compared to all other forms of advertising techniques. If you’re thinking about adopting car wrap marketing for your business, or hiring a branding agency, it’s best to look at the pros and cons before jumping on it. There are some aspects you may want to consider before using this form of marketing. Here are the pros and cons you should take into consideration. 



Looking to increase your brand awareness? Car wraps are a remarkable and cost-effective way to gain additional exposure as you cruise along the streets. You can get a lot of people looking at whatever message you have to say about your company. Research has shown that the use of car wrap marketing can gather as much as 30,000 to 70,000 views per day and at least 400,000 impressions per year. 

Of course, there are certain factors to consider such as the type of car that is being driven, the location and the number of bystanders available. If the driver is very skilled at his job, he can even take advantage of stop signs and showcase your brand message even more as long as he is capable of making the car noticed by both car drivers and pedestrians. Car wrap marketing also makes it possible for your business to gain extra brand recognition more effectively than other types of marketing. The use of a2 snap frames also enhance the visibility of your fleet image.


Car wraps are known to be very durable so long they are made with quality material. Your car wrap can last up to five years if it is printed with quality inks and also if the cast vinyl is laced with laminate protection. This creates the potential for reduced expenses with your market budget. The designs on the car wrap can be touched up and removed just as easily  as you want it replaced. This means you can change your car wrap anytime you like. But ensure it is carried out by an industry professional to prevent any damage.


When compared to traditional ad media, car wraps are usually way effective at creating lasting impressions with customers. It is common to find people become less incentivised to pay attention to television and radio commercials but there’s a higher chance that they will pay close attention to a well-designed and attractive car wrap. Your business name, logo and contact number should be boldly displayed for faster conversions. A pedestrian or motorist may notice your business number and call your office for more enquiries regarding your service/product. You can freely customise creations and adjust designs when necessary.

You should also know that car wrap marketing isn’t entirely a risk-free decision, you also have to be aware of its cons as much as you weigh its pros. They are as follows:



Car wrap marketing may not be as expensive as TV adverts but they still cost quite a lot. There exists a wide variance in costs for fixing a car wrap. Though it all depends on the size of the car, and the quality of the materials involved. A typical starting investment in a car wrap may cost a few thousand dollars. This form of marketing is much more than the cost for a simple small print ad in a magazine or newspaper or a simple round of radio ads. The main goal should be to optimise your car wrap through regular maintenance and constant exposure. You can also decide to get a full car wrap or smaller sticker placed strategically in multiple spots around the car. 


When the car wrap is installed correctly, there are fewer risks of damage to your car. However, if the car wrap is installed poorly, there’s every chance your car may obtain scratches from sharp objects and paint peeling from adhesive. Even though vinyl manufacturers offer a 5-10 years guarantee out of your car wrap, there are other factors such as climate exposure, driving conditions, dirt accumulation and other things that can contribute to the wearing down of important car parts like tyres, engines, e.t.c. there are certain kinds of car wraps that fade as a result of extreme sun exposure, slush during winter and early spring months. While you want to optimise your car wrap through public exposure, you also have to keep it as new as possible to benefit from it.


Car wrapping is not suitable for repainted or damaged cars. If you plan on wrapping your car, its best to use a new car or the vinyl will ruin the paint job of the damaged or repainted car. The issue is that vinyl is incapable of sticking to repainted cars and if the surface of the car is less than pristine it leads to a bad car wrapping which could potentially affect your business negatively. 


If you plan on getting a leased car wrapped, you need to get the written permission from the legal owner of the car in order to proceed with the process. You may risk voiding the warranty on the car or failing to meet up the lease agreement is you fail to do this. However, if you have an experienced and trusted car wrapping vendor work on the car, the legal owner may be more inclined to give their consent.

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