Creating The Best Office Atmosphere

Everybody wants their business to be successful, and one way to achieve this is to make sure that your employees are happy. The reason why it is important to ensure that your employees are happy is that this makes sure that they are productive, more motivated which will mean that they are more likely to go that extra mile at work, as they are happy to do so, not because they have to. It has been said that those who are happy to stay at work are almost fifty percent more likely to stay working at a company. Of course, this is beneficial to a company as it reduces staff turnover costs. When employees are unhappy and don’t enjoy coming to work it can cost a business a huge amount of money in relation to days off work and sick at work. In order to create a happy workspace, you need to put the effort in as it’s not something that just happens naturally.  

To create the best office atmosphere you need to consider the below to begin with.


The standard hours Monday to Friday, nine a.m until five pm is not necessarily the most productive option for many employees. At the end of the day, some of us work better earlier in the day and others, later on in the day. Also, bear in mind that many of your employees may have family commitments and for this reason, they may prefer to work longer hours, spread across fewer days. Therefore, if it is possible let your employees decide their own work schedule. If you do this you will find that they will be more productive and less time will be wasted.

A clean and comfortable work environment

All workspaces need to be kept up to speed with the latest advancements. Take for example air freight. An air freight centre has to house a 30 ton forklift for example as well as a number of container handling forklifts. These kinds of work areas have to be clean and tidy and have to ensure that freight can be moved quickly and efficiently. It goes without saying that a work environment that is clean, comfortable and welcoming will make your employees feel better. 

This is not something that only works in the home environment, it also applies in the office environment too. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that heating and air conditioning units are working effectively and small things such as light bulbs that are not working have been replaced. It may be worth hiring a commercial floor cleaner to assist with the cleaning of the floors and in your office, you could also add plants, good quality snacks and coffee, designer office storage, new equipment as well as ergonomic furniture. This will make your staff feel appreciated as they can see how they feel is important to you and it will also change the way your office space feels.

Reduce meetings

It has been reported that employees feel that meetings affect productivity. Quite often, meetings don’t have a purpose and the vast majority of people actually spend time doing all the work whilst at a meeting. Therefore, if it is possible, reduce meetings and use email to communicate or perhaps have a whiteboard which communicates important points that your employees need to be aware of.

Quiet areas

Quite often, offices are designed to be in open space so it’s important to make sure you have quiet areas where employees can go if they feel that they need a quiet space. By having a quiet area, you can reduce stress levels and interruptions and this will help to increase productivity as well as improve your employees moods. You could even go as far as providing a nap room as research has shown that a quick power nap is more effective than a cup of caffeine. 

Open door policy

Employees will say that they are happy at work if they feel that they are appreciated and that somebody listens to them. A good way to provide this is to ensure that you have an open door policy. Make it clear to your employees that your door is always open if they have any concerns or questions. You can make your open door policy literal and ensure that you keep your office door actually open.


It is worth considering new initiatives which are fun and aim to improve an employees sense of well-being and their happiness. For instance, you could reward employees by allowing them all one extra day of holiday. Alternatively, you could provide healthy snacks each week.

Natural light

Natural light always looks better in any space but there is more to natural light than just aesthetics. In fact, there is a  huge link between the energy and the quality of sleep we have and natural light in the work environment. 

Treat your employees

Each week you could consider providing your employees’ lunch. This helps employees to eat together and your employees will appreciate the perk of being provided their lunch. 

Have fun

It’s important to ensure that you have an element of fun in the workplace. One idea could be to celebrate birthdays and you can do this by ensuring a birthday cake is available for every employee. Alternatively, you could go for food or drinks once a month or organise an evening out where employees can enjoy a fun activity. If your staff look forward to receiving these kinds of rewards, they are more likely to see that coming to work is more fun. 

Recreational spaces

If you have the room then consider having recreational equipment such as a ping pong table. This is a great way for employees to burn off some excess energy and take part in some exercise between jobs. Another benefit of having a recreational space is that it can help when it comes to improving team relationships and rapport.

Every office is different and there is no one right decision. However, what is important is to create a happy office atmosphere where your employees enjoy coming to work as this will mean that productivity is at a maximum and staff turnover is reduced. 

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