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Jobs with a purpose

Northland mothers Rachel Hill and Alison Faithful started the Taimahi Trust with the aim of giving their sons, who both have Down syndrome, worthwhile employment.

Expenses No.1 pain for self-employed

Tax agent Hnry recently surveyed self-employed Kiwis on a range of financial issues. Hnry is also behind the viral @thelostreceipt Instagram campaign, which recently documented the woes of a freelancer [ … ]

This Month In NZ Business

Here is a round up of the latest news in the business sector: Fiji Airways and Airbus In aviation news, FiJi Airways is to introduce an Airbus A350 to service [ … ]

SEO In 2019

2019 has been a big year so far for digital marketing companies. As businesses, local and global, slowly start to wake up to the reality of technology becoming more and [ … ]

New lotto tool

Lotto syndicates are common in workplaces and social groups across the country, with people pooling their money together to buy Lotto or Powerball tickets, to get a better shot of [ … ]

Newmarket reveals it’s awards finalists

Newmarket Business Association’s CEO, Mark Knoff-Thomas, says “Newmarket continues to punch above its weight, and the high calibre of entries this year is confirmation that we have some of the [ … ]