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6 Tips On How To Add A Personal Touch To Your Marketing

If you have just started up a new company or are trying to improve the brand image of an existing company, there are a number of parameters that you have to be able to overcome to improve or gain brand awareness. It’s clear that people like to be emotionally connected to the brands that they buy. The feel-good factor, a sense of trust and a human element to any brand are a winning combination. Below we will provide you with some tips on how you can add a personal touch to your marketing to ensure that customers trust and believe in your brand.

  1. The Culture of Your Company

Your company’s culture can be felt by your employees. If your company has a light hearted and humorous approach to the way it is run, your company will feel friendly to its customers, which gives a sense of warmth and trustworthiness. However, don’t be tempted to be too humorous if your company has a more serious edge. An example of this is, if your company is safety related, people want to be sure that it is professionally run and adheres to all current regulations. A humorous side of this type of company may make clients and customers feel nervous. Remember your employees are your biggest asset and the culture of the company starts at the top and filters down to customer facing employees.

  1. Company Size

In most cases, large corporations do not interact with their customers. Customers are often referred to as reference numbers rather than individuals. For speed, tick boxes are often used to deal with concerns, queries and general interactions and we are often dealt with by scripts. This is one area where larger companies could learn from smaller ones. Smaller companies often try to refer to their customers by name and the reference number comes in the form of a security check. They are able to address their customers by phone in a more personal way. This helps to build a rapport between customers and companies.

  1. Your Merchandise

Merchandising is one area that should never be overlooked. Custom stickers, custom packaging, document binding and business cards all can have your company logo printed and embossed onto them. An example of this could be for a wine company. Wine labels will already have your company detail displayed. However, if you have other items that can be given away for free with your logo attached, this will be a constant reminder of the quality of your product and will spread the word to others. Pay close attention to print finishing, as any small business marketing company can benefit from high end imagery as it shows professionalism and a good standard of quality. Merchandising is an area, that if done properly, can have a huge impact. You can go as far as personalising your customer’s details on an item along with your own brand identity as your customers will feel that personal touch gives them a special affiliation with your brand.

  1. Company Milestones

Milestones for a company are not only good internally to show everyone how the company is doing, they also help customers to understand your successes. An example of this is if your company wins an award for being the best at something or is the fasted growing in its sector. This shows both employees and customers that your brand is achieving above and beyond. It’s also useful when your brand sets a milestone target and achieves it as it shows that hard work is going on behind the scenes. This shows your customers how important they are to you.

  1. Company Website
  • Engage With Your Customers/Clients

Make sure that you understand your customers and clients and their needs and don’t just focus on your big customers and clients as the smaller ones are just as important in ensuring that your brand image stays positive.

  • Provide Promotions and Discounts

Having offers that suit your individual customers is another way of making your customers feel special. A way of achieving this is by looking at items they may have purchased in the past or facilities that they may have used with your company and providing an offer or promotion if they purchase/use it again.

  • Customer Interaction

Your website can give your customers that personal touch that they crave. A well-designed website should allow your customers to be able to easily interact with you through various mediums. Monitoring the social media section on your website will help your customers to feel engaged. If they  pose a question via this medium and the answer is given in real time, this will give the customer a feeling of value.

  1. Email Marketing Campaigns

If you can’t be face to face with your customers it does not mean that you cannot still provide them with a personal touch. Documents and online communication can be given a personal feel by the way you have worded your email and the way you address and sign off each correspondence. There is a fine line between being over familiar and being personal with your customers.

  • Use happy and friendly terms rather than colloquial language.
  • Think of the quality of the content of your email, rather than the quantity.
  • Make sure your name is in the senders address so that when the recipient receives your mail, it has your name in the address box as opposed to an email address.
  • Show your face on your email profiles as this shows you are human.
  • Remember to use the term ‘thank you.’ The word thank you shows that you are sincere and appreciation.

Brand awareness and personal touches in your marketing are very important to ensure customer loyalty and the growth of your business. Adding in just a few of these tips will surely show an increase in customer loyalty, and help your business grow significantly.

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