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2020 Trends That Will Change The Signage Industry

Marketers and business owners have never been more enthusiastic about the power of branding and the increased innovation in technology are bringing more focus on creative branding in the commercial printing industry. This has led to a variety of trends that are beginning to start this 2020. Coupled with more demands from customers, the way companies use building signage and vinyl wrapping will need to evolve extensively to keep revenues and consumer satisfaction high. Read on to know 7 trends that are emerging this 2020 and are considered to drive growth in the signage industry. 


If you take a stroll around any public building or trade centre, you will see digital printing all around you. Property owners with an eye for branding are more than thrilled to showcase their brand and a unique design with the use of digital printing on window graphics with A2 snap frames, wall coverings, full car wrap as well as signage. Signage designers have adopted the use of digital printing with the newest and updated flatbed printers and document binding machines which produce visually appealing signs that are in line with the building structure and design. More decor colour, logo can also be included to help with wayfinding. They serve as extras to the signage for improved customer experience within the environment.


This 2020 is expected to reveal more innovative features in the digital signage content management systems. These features will focus on tailored and targeted content with the use of artificial intelligence and the internet of things. To break down further, while employing marketing solutions, you can set up digital signage to reveal messages to customers based on their preferences. With the use of data recovered from consumer behaviour online, you can customise offers and messages to be revealed in-store. This allows for improved customer experience, retailers can provide more information with a personal touch and encourage customers to partake in their online and physical store offers.


More consumers and building owners are embracing new colours and patterns. While neutral colour remains in vogue, there are still other trendy colours for wall painting as well as engineered wood for flooring. Designers make use of improved colours in carpet, interior decor and others. In order to improve the visual flow, designers regard the interior signage to go hand in hand with the whole design work. There are laminate offerings with aesthetically pleasing signs and newly launched colour of the year.


Environmental impacts have grown remarkably among many industries with this primarily as a result of customer preferences. The printing industry is not excluded as consumers are becoming more insistent on less harmful practices. The use of durable interior signs is a necessity for most building owners. There have been cases of vandalised signages and replacements costs are not convenient for anyone. Many large companies have started launching eco-friendly initiatives to encourage paper recycling, even architects and designers emphasize on signs that are not only produced from durable sustainable materials but are also produced with less waste and environmental impact. Don’t be deceived by some signage designs that may seem durable but have poor waste management and involve the use of toxic chemicals and materials. Know your products from manufacturing to the finished product. This trend will affect almost every printing industry in the coming years making a matter to focus on. 


Switching to the service-oriented model is becoming a trend in many industries including the printing industry. Working on a subscription model, Print-as-a-service offers a more automated approach to users. For example, whenever there’s a shortage of ink, printers can automatically order what is needed. This will save you a trip to the store. Though this automated approach is focused mainly at the b2c domain, it shows signs of transforming the b2b domain in the near future. Some large companies like HP have begun to adopt this automatic ink model and other companies are recognising its importance and are following suit. Apart from a large upfront investment, this trend is something that may offer a wide range of benefits. 


One important trend that is expected to move this 2020 is something most businesses are beginning to adopt, partnering. Finding a means to partner with other local businesses can provide great benefits. One way is through referral. You can refer a customer to another company with different service offerings or even manage some jobs with the input of another company. Partnering can be truly important because many signage companies produce only a few types of signs. Another trend is the merging of sign distributors and sign shops. This is usually as a result of many reasons and in most cases, the initial partnership paves way for this process. While maintaining good partnering relationships in today’s business world. You never know which signage company you’ll be dealing with. They may serve as a valuable supplier to you in the future.


In recent years, designers have opted for complex detailed logos that were made to convey as much message as possible. This 2020 shows something different as customers are beginning to choose more minimalist designs. Companies have taken measures to create simpler shapes and monochromatic illustrations to offer a more simplified message to their customers. For companies that offer a design service alongside their brochure printing, means their design efforts should be focused on creating clean, attractive signages that simplify their branding and messaging. Signs can be made to reveal a simple logo or they can make use of channel letters instead of a logo sign. The signage choices by most business owners show that simplicity is at the forefront of their branding and messaging.

The reason behind this simplicity in signage is ease. Business owners and marketers want to communicate their message in a manner that doesn’t seem like they are trying too hard to impress. Straightforward and simplicity is the trend. 

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