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Voice Recognition and Your Company

Voice recognition and its technology has steadily improved over time. Voice recognition is not a new concept but early systems were difficult to use as getting them to understand simple commands was challenging. The main reason for this is that every voice,dialect and tone vary. Even the way that two individuals pronounce two different words can vary. Therefore, the way that this was combated was to develop the data so that it covered a huge amount of information related to how each word could be recognised. As the technology has now been developed to such an extent, we can now see the use of voice recognition in cars and general communication devices such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant. We will begin by looking at how the marketing, finance and retail industries are using voice recognition systems already.

Marketing Industry

A web marketing company and marketing companies in general need to be at the cutting edge of technology, so developing their offices to be fully interactive with voice recognition systems is crucial. In these environments, this type of technology can be used in many different areas. Take workplace safety in a web marketing company as an example, you can program your voice recognition system to recognise your employees so that when they enter your offices, the system knows that it is letting in the correct person. Voice recognition can also be used or a company’s direct marketing as the modern way of marketing your business is by getting your customers to interact with you company digitally. It may be as simple as getting an interactive, automated telephone system which provides them with various options and answers to queries that they may have.

Finance Industry

In business, finance is the key to everything. Therefore, finance companies have developed their customer facing systems to make sure that the customer has ease of use. Say for example you are thinking of starting a dairy farm, you may have the idea in place but you just need to sort out how you are going to finance your business idea. Finance companies often have a voice recognition system as their first port of contact. The reason for this is that it helps to redirect your call to the appropriate department. This can speed up the process of getting you to the right place rather than having to explain to multiple individuals about what you require. This is beneficial to the finance company as it means that they can cut done the number of staff that they require to take calls hence save on staffing costs.

Retail Industry

Retail has changed greatly as we no longer have to go looking around shops for a product as we can simply ask voice recognition systems such as Alexa to order a previously ordered item for us. This means that we no longer have to hunt around in a shop and get frustrated when we cannot find an item as we can get what we want from the comfort of our own homes which is less hassle and saves precious time.

As you can see these industries are already using voice recognition system as part of their day to day operation. We will now take a look at some of the other areas where voice recognition has made huge inroads:

  • Streamlining Customer Support

This is used in many areas of business as an individual does not often need to speak to a person, they may just require certain bits of information that doesn’t necessarily need to come from a person. For example, if you’d like to know what your gas bill is, you can call an automated voice recognition number which will be able to bring up all of your details and provide you with the information that you require.

  • Business Writing

Voice recognition is a great tool in business as you are able to use it create emails, messages and letters which can all be done off of a smartphone device. This makes the process quick and easy and less time consuming than traditional methods.

  • Capturing Data

All businesses are data hungry and obtaining accurate and up to date information can help your business to thrive as you have access to information related to what your customers require. Voice recognition systems can obtain this information. For example, after a call has taken place a customer could be asked to complete a short survey via a voice activation system. This survey could provide essential information regarding your customers habits and interests which can then be used by a company for market research purposes and to ensure that your company is providing its customers with the products/ services that they are looking for.

  • Organising Meetings

Organising a global meeting can be time consuming as well as tricky as you have to take into account different time zones and varying work schedules and availability. A voice recognition system can take the hassle of a business’s hands and organise meetings for you. This system can take into account everyone’s availability, book the meeting room and set up the conference call so that staff are free to work on more pressing tasks.  

  • Search Engines

For those that work in industries that use complex terms i.e. scientists, voice recognition allows them the ability to be able to speak rather than type difficult terms. This means that the search process becomes quicker and more efficient as speaking into a search engine is more accurate than typing.

Voice recognition is fast becoming the technology that businesses are turning to. It is streamlining services and therefore saving us time and money which is essentially what all companies need.

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