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Smart Products For A More Efficient Workplace

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase efficiency in your workplace then it you might need to look at improving your technology. It’s often the case that employee productivity is affected when a workplace has a lack of equipment that would allow the employee to perform their job as efficiently as possible. Ultimately, a loss in productivity results in a loss of company money and time. Below we will provide you with a list of smart products to help you create a more efficient workplace.

  1.     Update Technology

Begin by standing back and taking a look around your workplace. Find out if your staff members are working on old computers which are in need of an update. Although it may seem like a big expense, updating computers and software regularly is a necessity. If you take into consideration that speed is essential to productivity, computer hardware and software needs to be efficient and improved upon if it has not already been. It could be that you could get away with a simple RAM boot or a hard drive upgrade, but computers require regular maintenance. If you’ve had a system in place for more than six years, then the above won’t be sufficient and you will need to upgrade the entire system.

  1.     Introduce Smart Mobile Devices

To increase efficiency and productivity at a workplace, smart phones and other smart devices are also a really effective option. If you work in a sales environment for example, then provide staff with a smart phone which enables them to keep in touch with the workplace via emails and phone whilst they are away from the office. Tablets allow staff to produce and modify presentations whilst on the move and there are numerous apps available for all of these devices which are created to increase productivity through prioritising tasks.

It’s clear that by implementing smart mobile device technology that your workplace will head towards a more effective procedure. In turn this will bring a better experience for both employees and clients which ultimately helps your bottom line.

  1.     Laminating Machines

In order to protect documents and preserve their quality, laminating offers a quick and easy solution. The plastic coating that laminating offers provides your document with a more durable and professional finish.

Look for laminating machines which are user friendly and offers outstanding reliability and claim to be 100% jam free. Thermal laminating machines in NZ are a great start.  

Also make sure that you choose the correct machine to suit your needs. Many laminators are segmented on the thickness of the paper they can use and on how often they are used. So, if a laminating machine accept thicker pouches then it’s likely to be more versatile and able to take more applications.

Before purchasing a laminating machine consider these 3 aspects:

-What thickness and size of laminating pouches will you need to use – The wider the entry then the more options there are to laminate documents of different sizes. It’s worth purchasing a laminator that will accept pouches that are bigger than you think you may need and this way you will be able to laminate all sized documents from A3 documents to ID sized documents.

-Which laminator offers the features that will make laminating an easy job – Consider what features the machine you are looking to purchase offers. Pick a laminating machine that will make laminating quick, easy and simple.

-How often and where will the laminator be used – i.e. will it be used occasionally or daily in the office.

  1.     Printer Finishing Equipment

When we use the term ‘printer finishing equipment we are referring to a term used for anything that happens to a job once it’s been printed. For example, if you are creating a document it may require more than simply binding a few sheets together. It may be that you need to sheets and trim these to size. After this they may need folding, creasing, stapling or drilling. Regardless of what printer finishing process you require, make sure that you search for equipment which will make your workplace as efficient as possible. In order to improve and increase efficiency, the products that may be worth looking for could include:

– Power Guillotines

-Manual Guillotines

-Stapling Equipment

Paper folding Equipment

-Creasing Equipment

-Booklet Making Equipment.

  1.     Label Systems

There are many kinds of label systems in place which will provide you with a more efficient and economical alternative to hand peeling and applying labels. These systems can also dispense and apply in many materials and formats. To improve efficiency in the workplace in this sector look for products such as:

-Hand held label dispenser

-Bottle label applicators

-Semi-automatic label dispensers

-Label counters.

-Label rewinders

-Label unwinders

  1.     Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Search for a company that can provide you with all, not some, of the commercial cleaning supplies and products that you need to keep your work place at its best when it comes to cleanliness and appearance. Additionally, you will want to make sure that the cleaning supplies that you purchase are of good quality and good value for money. In order to ensure that your workplace is efficient, you will need to consider having all, if not some, of the below:

-Cleaning chemicals

-Cleaning products

-Cleaning machines

-Cleaning equipment

-Cleaning supplies

-Cleaning consumables

-Janitorial supplies.

  1.     Aesthetics

Ok so, not necessarily a smart product, but research has shown that productivity can be increased by up to 15|% through aesthetics. As humans, our environments have a great effect on us. Even something as simple as buying courier bags online that are printed with your company’s logo and are the same design for your whole company will help promote unity and ease for everyone. So, consider having plants around your workplace, consider the colour of your workplace and also look at how much light flows in to your workplace.

By surrounding your workplace with a nice atmosphere and good design, employees are bound to stay inspired and thus improve overall efficiency at your workplace.


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