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Go Green: Why A Greener Office Space Can Increase Productivity

These days issues related to the environment have become an important factor which is considered when looking at office design. Whether you are a web marketing company, a seo specialist with a small business website, or a law firm, businesses are now more open to work with office interior design services in Auckland in order to provide a greener office space.

Research has shown that those businesses who implement eco-friendly practices can reveal a 16% increase in the levels of their productivity compared to offices which don’t. This highlights the value of creating a greener office space.

Below we will consider the different reasons why a greener office space can increase productivity

  • Comfort

Levels of comfort are increased in greener office spaces and thus increase productivity. If employees feel comfortable in the office environment they are less likely to feel irritated, distracted and are more able to concentrate for longer periods which all lead to better levels of productivity.

Probably the most important factor to improve is the ventilation system in your office. If the ventilation system is improved then the temperature and air-quality in the office environments will be better regulated more effective thus assisting with workplace health and safety consulting in your Auckland office. This especially applies to you if you have a small startup office design in Auckland. Studies have shown that this alone can increase productivity by up to 11%.

Additionally, natural lights and updating artificial light is another factor which has an impact on productivity as these elements, if not improved, can cause eyestrain especially if employees are sitting using laptops or computers for long periods of time. It has been stated that improvements in the office environment can improve productivity by up 23%.

A final factor to consider is to think about humanising your office space. By this we mean bringing the outdoors, indoors, as this is another aspect which is believed to help increase productivity levels in the workplace. It is also worth noting that most of us crave to have the freedom of working or being outdoors rather than being cooped up in an office. Therefore, a well-engineered office can help make the work environment feel spacious and give the illusion that you are working outdoors. Rooftop terraces are a great option to consider as when employees are taking a comfort break, they are able to experience the true feeling of the outdoors.

  • Increase in Morale

If you have a greener office space your employees will find that their working environment is a more pleasant environment to be in. In turn this will boost morale and levels of satisfaction which will naturally improve productivity. It comes as no surprise that happier employees will feel motivated and therefore provide you with their best efforts.

A study was conducted by The University of Exeter which revealed that those people who worked in a greener office space and were surrounded by plants were clearly happier than those who did not work in this type of environment. It also revealed that there was in fact an increase in productivity of 15% during the course of study.

Another study revealed that indoor, living plants and natural light are the two of the most sought after elements in the work environment. These two aspects only increase morale but also influence creativity which has a knock-on effect to productivity as creativity prevents an employee being stuck on any one particular task.

  • Decrease Absenteeism

Factors such as lighting, air quality and other green aspects are believed to play an important role in an employee’s well-being. By reducing illnesses, you can decrease absenteeism which is one of the biggest factors related to productivity. Therefore, a greener office space will benefit to you in the long run.

A study conducted in England revealed that improvements to a ventilation system and a new addition of a central lighting well, which provided more natural light into the office, reduced the amount of sick days that employees needed by two thirds. This meant that the company saved around £28,000 each year.

As well as improving general well-being, a greener office space has also been said to reduce problems related to mental health.

  • Improved Cognition

When we refer to cognition we are talking about the way in which we gain knowledge and process this knowledge. This is a very important factor when looking at productivity as cognition is connected to everything from memory, decision-making, evaluation, comprehension and problem solving. Hence in order to boost productivity you need to look at the different ways in which you can improve cognition to make sure that your employees gain and process information as efficiently as possible.

A greener office space has the ability to improve how we solve problems, how we make decisions and the way in which we process our thoughts, which ultimately affect productivity. The reason for this is believed to be related to sleep as greener office spaces are believed to improve the quality of sleep. As we all know sleep can affect all kinds of aspects of your health and even more so when working. A well-rested employee is bound to be more productive and astute than someone who is not getting proper quality sleep. You could even try paying your employees to sleep better and see how it affects your bottom line!

  • To Conclude

In recent times businesses are keen improve their green credentials for numerous reasons.  As these businesses continue to see the benefits of turning their office environments into green, environmentally friendly spaces, the trend is likely to continue.

As we have stated above improvements related to lighting, ventilation and indoor plants can all help to create a happier workforce. Employees will feel comfortable and therefore are in a better position to process information and not as prone to take time off work because of illnesses and therefore your business will naturally enjoy better productivity.

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