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2018 Office Makeover: Simple Steps For Better Business

The feel and design of your office may take a back seat when it comes to priorities at work, but it is very important. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1.      A new client or customer will make a judgement of your company when they walk into your office and we all know that first impressions count.
  2.      The office environment can also affect the motivation levels of existing staff. Similarly, a new employee will also judge the office that they see, as at the end of the day they will be spending a large majority of their working day in the office. Additionally, an office reflects how management treat their staff. Therefore, keeping your office looking fresh will make being at work more pleasant.
  3.      An office makeover can rejuvenate your workplace. In the past the focus was on luxury office furniture and now we are seeing a shift towards creating an office personality, something that suits the company’s brand. The way that you decide to makeover your office needs to reflect what your company stands for and what you sell or offer.

So, with all of this in mind below are 12 ways that you need to consider to achieve an outstanding office makeover with a functional office design in Auckland or any city to please all.

  •        Light

Studies have highlighted that windows are the main factor of satisfaction in a building. Although this sounds great it may not always be possible. Therefore, an alternative if you don’t have windows that let a lot of light in is to get better quality light fittings and avoid illuminated lighting which some offices use for maximum brightness.

  •        Music

Going back to the topic of motivation, music can make all the difference. It may not be something that you want to have on all day, but on occasions a few nice songs playing in the background can uplift the mood. It may be worth setting up a shared Spotify account so that all staff can contribute with a song/songs of their choice.

  •        Colour Scheme

Colour has a massive impact in an office. It’s well know that different colours affect how we feel and our state of mind. So, you need to choose colours that display your brand and your business. To look into this further, an interesting topic is Colour psychology which states:

–          Green: produces a sense of balance and calmness.

–          Blue: encourages clear thinking

–          Yellow: lifts spirits and enhances creativity

–          Red: affects the body in a physiological way and increases the pulse.

–          Soft colours: soothes and relaxes

–          Bright colours: create a stimulating effect.

  •        Styling

To drive your business into success then collaboration and networking is crucial. A great styling option for say, a web marketing company, could be a coffee shop like environment. Coffee shops have become a fantastic meeting point to induce creativity. You could opt for bench style seating or couches and small chairs around a low table. This way all staff can sit comfortably with other team members to strategise and brainstorm on laptops. You may even find that you’re able to generate more leads online with better strategising

  •        Textures

If you introduce textures into the office you can stimulate the senses another way, a softer way. Imagine feeling different textures on the waiting area sofas, the conference chairs and also the desk chairs. Texture also plays a role in visual representation, in that you can create a natural feel which can be stimulating. Consider using fabric fur and plants to brighten up the office.

  •        Rearrange

Quite often simply by rearranging the office furniture you can freshen up the office environment. Rather than having walls between staff members choose an open office layout as this promotes a more open working environment too. Bear in mind office health and safety if you do decide to take a sledgehammer to the walls!

  •        Mother Nature

Bringing nature into the office has become a key focus. This can be achieved simply by adding green plants, sunlight and though natural hues such as blues and greens. It’s thought that these natural features emotionally sooth us and stimulate our thought processes.

  •        Furniture

Update your furniture so that it is modern rather than traditional as modern furniture provides a softer feeling around office technology. As discussed above, the use of fur, pillow like accessories and padded seating also creates a more comfortable work environment. Imagine how your staff would feel if they felt at ease rather than stressed and under pressure which can be simply adapted through the use of correct décor.

  •        Walls

If your office is limited in space then the walls could be used as a tool. For example, a wall can be transferred into a drawing board simply by painting it with blackboard paint. Alternatively, ask your staff what they think would work well on the walls.

  •        Layout

If you’re unsure of how to organise and set up your departments and your desks then perhaps consider hot seating. If you look at huge organisations such as LinkedIn, they mix up their seating arrangements in order to stimulate a creative and collaborative workforce.

  •        Choice

If you’re at the start of redecorating or redesigning your office then it’s worth asking your staff what they think. What are their suggestions and opinions of what they think the office needs? These days we like personalisation and if you cater for this then it could be a great way to keep staff content and shows them that they are valued.

  •        Budget

Finally, if you don’t have a huge budget for a full office fitout and refurbishment for your Auckland office,

then don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a great deal of money to give your office a boost. Consider adding some flowers, new lamps, a new coffee machine, some new storage and provide everyone with new stationary. It’s these little things that can make a big difference.

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